Friday, January 13, 2012

Winston's "Death Threat"?

Hello everyone! I just had to have a 48 hour talk after I saw what Winston was typing in his old typewriter that he gave himself on my birthday, so I'll basically run down what happened: Winston told everyone that he didn't want anyone coming in his fridge for the rest of forever. A few hours after he told me I began to get suspicious and walked into his fridge. And when I looked at what he was typing on the type writer I was disgusted. It was just the same quote over and over saying "I will not kill Charlie 91. I will not kill The Great Chi. I will not Kill Cute Lil Dragon.". I was very disturbed and I told Charlie 91 and The Great Chi about it. Charlie says that Winston was "Simply Confused", while Chi says that "Mitch the Monkey [Chi's Monkey] will have a talk with Winston.". After closer examination of the document I did notice 1 peculiar thing. When Winston wrote the word kill he had it lower cased by Charlie and Chi's name. But by my name it was capitalized. I don't know if this is just Winston being stupid when he typed or if it was intentional but I really don't like the sound of it. The following is a recorded conversation with Winston about the document.

Cute Lil Dragon: Winston, I examined the document on your typewriter and I was very disgusted about the content. Would you like to tell me why you typed this offensive document?

Winston: What do you mean "Offensive"!? This document was a nice little piece. After all, it's not saying that I should kill you, it's saying the opposite. And by doing the opposite, I am saving you! So you should be more grateful.

Cute Lil Dragon: So then why didn't you want anyone coming into your fridge until you were finished typing your document.

Winston: Would you like a spot of tea, Cute Lil Dragon?

Cute Lil Dragon: Uh.... No thank you. Now back to the conversation Winston, why did you want no one to enter your fri-


(Winston Continued Singing the "Tea Song" for the rest of the 47 hours, 54 minutes, and 23 seconds)

Although the document does seem suspicious. Winston continues to claim even to this moment that he did it out of pure good heart and did not mean any harm by it. He says simply that our "twisted minds" distorted what he said. Distorted or not it's still suspicious and Winston is being held prisoner in Chi's cave until he further talks.

By the way! How is your planet "Earth" still doing? Has it hit the 21st yet? It's hard to tell what time it is over there because Dragon Planet rotates a lot faster. I wish you best of luck with doomsday!

~Cute Lil Dragon

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  1. I have a suspicion about Winston's plan... And Cutie, I realy think whe should be glad he didn't wrote the opposite about us:)