Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playthrough 5: Offshore Rig

Run for the hills! Lara is seen here standing on one of the only "safe" tiles in the entire level!

If you read the caption, than you can probably already assume that this level is tricky, and filled with baddies. And you'd be right. If you thought the opposite than you probably have never played this level. It starts off by Lara breaking out of, what I guess is, a sea jail for girls. Except she has no butlers for a cellmate :(. Anyway, Lara manages to break out, get her pistols back, and long story short she finally managed to cough up a bad guy. She seems pretty proud of it but she shouldn't be talking if you watch any of those All Kill runs. She grabs the dead rifleman's key, opens the door and then starts to make a left turn. But that was a mistake because it only stacks up more enemies that start to chase after her including a rifleman and a dog. Lara immediately turns around and goes up the other stack of steps. She finds herself surrounded as clubs men start to come from in front of her. "This is surely the end!" Lara thinks once again. She dashes up the ramp, and to her surprise, is unscathed. In fact, no enemy even poked her while she was at the top of the hill! It was a safe spot! What a relief! Lara then proceeds to play through the level normally, dodging enemies, opening doors, this and that. And then at the very end she does a huge long jump across an empty pool. A tricky one, but if done properly skips a chunk of the level. She then runs into, what looks like the 5th dimension, but it's actually just water connecting to an area of land. She swims out of the level and works her way into... The Diving Area.


  1. About vote in menu - my vote is for Lara from TR2, but I love Angel of Darkness Lara, too :))