Saturday, January 14, 2012

That's Unusual.

That's Unusual
Hello everyone! It is I! Cute Lil Dragon. And this is a very important message: In the past 1 hour or so I have been getting a very unusual amount of "Blog Views". It is 1 half of the views that I got from December 25th-January 13th. It does not seem normal. I would just like to take the time to say this, please refrain from refreshing constantly. If you check on my blog every 30 minutes, heck, even 15 minutes I really wouldn't care. But the fact that I'm getting about 2-3 views every 30 seconds-1 minute is just weird. I know it's not necessarily a "bad" thing but it kind of throws off my charts. And be rest assured, it's not my views. All I'm saying is just don't try to intentionally throw off the view counts. Even if you are trying to help, I would rather have less views that are more meaningful than tons of views that are meaningless. 

The chart seen at the top right is a regular chart viewing in the past week. Notice at the far right how it just rockets up. That rocketing is the past hour.

Who the viewers are I can not say. I know for one that it is not a "Tomb Raider Forums" post that has made it so popular, for there are few referrals about my blog on the site. To the left is a table of the most popular "referrals". Most of them are very unusual sites.  If you have any more information on the "Unusual Views" please message me on Tomb Raider Forums or post a comment to this post.

Links to most unusual "Referring URLs".
Please note! I do not know anything about these sites. I have not taken damage from them but click at your own risk. 


  1. I have blog for nearly five years and this never happened to me... I really don't know what happened. Maybe some kind of spambots...

  2. Probably. The views seem to have stopped for now.