Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Playthrough 6: Diving Area

Just what kind of cruel torture is this!?

 Oh boy, time to make another post! Lara starts off just where she left off at, she casually ascends the ladder, flips the switch, jumps into the water, goes into some rooms, and runs past some bad guys. Then she reaches the ramp where the Silver Dragon is located. I have her jump into the little hole where it's at, and right when I make her pick it up, she decides not to. I guess the Silver Dragon is to lowly for Lara's kinds. That's just ridiculous. Once again I try to have her pick it up but once again she rejects it. I guess there's no point of fighting with Lara so I just have her continue on her way through the level. She ascends that unnaturally long ladder, and then manages to get the blue key card. She, once again, climbs the unnaturally long ladder and makes her way into a big square room, with a block in the middle. She manages to outrun a couple of puppies, and just barely, outrun a flamethrower-wielding goon. She dives into the water, flicks a switch and the-(Fast Forward a Few Minutes) Lara then proceeds to find herself into a giant pool. She swims to the bottom to where her feasting eyes locate a shivering gleaming beauty of Emerald Green. It is of course the Emerald Statue. But it's locked away in a cage. She starts to weep and weep (but it's hard to tell since she's underwater) while I control her away to finish up the level. Lara decides to speed things up a whole lot and does a sort of corner bug which bumps her up and skips us about 10 minutes of pain and running. She then runs into the last part of the level, takes out the bad guys, and talks to the monk.

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