Friday, January 20, 2012

Playthrough 4: Opera House

May I kill One enemy, Cute Lil Dragon? Just one!

Alright, there's really not much to say here: this may have actually been the easiest level for me to play through. It really didn't take me that long if you use some very precise jumping (and no it's not hacking so Ha!). Anyway, I roll down the ramp, flick some switches, dodge the clubsmen, jump over some very inconveniently placed falling tiles (haven't they ever heard of maintenance? Honestly, Bartoli is a little pig) and go outside onto the top of the stage. Here's where the first trick comes in, Lara does a roll and manages to dodge the spears and fall straight into the Opera House. She then runs in and does a careful jump which skips a good 20 minutes of the level. Nice going Lara. Well now that Lara goes into the final room she's ready to kill her first boss! Wait a minute Lara! She seems really mad... "What!?" she grumbles. I then explain to her that you don't actually have to kill the shotgun boss so we're just going to skip over them. She then goes into a fit of rage saying some of the worst "Dragon Swears" she knows. I eventually managed to convince her that we will kill some enemies on the next level. But little did I know that the next level is the hardest challenge yet to come, even more so than Bartoli's Hideout.


  1. Easiest? Dragon, are you really playing the same Tomb Raider 2 as me? :)

  2. It was Charlie! That is, if you use the secrets I use. C:

  3. It seems you know and use many secrets, Dragon:D

  4. I'm impressed :D Next great statistic.
    My shortcut in this level was jumping on balcony in opera... But it's not so magical playing :))

    P.S. Sorry about my english, please, I'm from Czech Republic :))