Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winston the Hungry

While our voyage to Dragon Planet has been a success so far, trouble accorred yesterday when Winston, our butler, took a huge whooping bite out of the side of the Rocket. We immediately began to spiral downwards but luckily, Chi managed to quickly pull out fexmerger and replace our regular rocket with a more powerful one. Thanks Chi! Even though we are not at the Dragon Planet yet, we are getting closer. I expect we will be there sometime near the end of this month. Once we reach the planet Chi and I will build a village and invite tourists! I'm simply amazed that we actually have connection out here! And then "NASA" spends millions upon millions of dollars just to send out a tiny little machine to take a snap shot of Venus or something. Well, we will be sure to keep you guys posted on any more events if anything else happens. "Winston! Don't you dare put that in the tea!" Sorry about that. I didn't want Winston to contaminate the tea. Well, "Best of Luck with Doomsday!"  
~Cute Lil Dragon & The Great Chi     

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