Friday, July 27, 2012

Diamond Wonders

Since I've had some free time, I decided to put together a forum! :D The forum is called Diamond Wonders and we discuss things such as Tomb Raider, Minecraft, & Others Videos. We also love to play games! So try and get the word out to all your Tomb Raiding buddies! Because we sadly have a shortage of members. Happy Raiding!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So Apparently...
Winston had managed to get a hold of my password on Tomb Raider Forums and decided to go around posting. At first it was pretty normal, but then he went around bumping 10 year old threads. 3 Threads to be exact. They were all in the technical support section. "I Was Just Trying To Help!" he claims. Winston's punishment is still being decided as well as my Ban time. In the mean time I will have plenty of time to be on my blog so check back often for updates on My Planet mission and etc! :D

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy The Bear Wallpapers!

Enjoy These Original Happy The Bear Wallpapers!

Another Video From The Archives!

Let's Journey A Bit More Into The Lil Dragon Archives!
I've already shared the original ending to my first Tomb Raider video, but now I feel like sharing a bit more, so I proudly present a few unique clips from a really, really long time ago. A few of the clips date roughly a year. The clips are basically a test of animals replacing Winston to see if they will follow Lara. The monkey seemed like the most suitable fit. As you see in one of the clips we have a video of the monkey walking, as I'm guessing he was intended to go into Lara's home. I don't really remember why. I'm guessing planning fell through for that video due to the difficulty of having a Monkey do what you want. Butlers are easier to control you see! As for the second video, it was originally intended to be a tutorial on how to Fexmerg and TRItem data files. But I figured a typed tutorial may be much easier. Click the link below for the rare footage!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Winston's Art

Well, I was finally feeling a little generous to Winston, so for one of the first times Winston has more screen time than Lara. In this new video Winston displays how he is not only a great butler, but he is also a great artist! He will share with you some magnificent art and explain it. I expect Winston may come onto my blog a little more often and share some of his paintings with you guys. I'm sure they will all look fantastic! Just kidding, they're going to look like absolute crap. Winston is one of the worst artists I have ever seen. But he still deserves a shot. In the mean time, be sure to watch his video! 

Restless Sea

Time Is A Lonely Prophet,

And A Thief In The Night

Takin' The Love

Breakin' The Hearts

& Stealin' The Light

I Guess I've Lost Spirt To Be Free

So Far From Shore

Lost On A Restless Sea

-Eric Kaz

Monday, July 9, 2012



Oh, hey guys. Sorry about that. :D
I sorry Winston typing something on my website so I smashed his face onto the keyboard a few times and told him to go back to the fridge for another week... Naw, I just lured him into the fridge, Winston's AI prevents me from hitting him. But Winston may try and get on my website later, he seems to have figured out the password. Which I have no idea how he did that, because he's pretty darn stupid. But let's get to the point, back on Earth, my original home planet, the date is getting closer and closer to December 21st! I'm so excited! I'm trying to get as big of a bowl of popcorn as possible and just watch the fireshow :D

-Happy Doomsday
Cute Lil Dragon 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Land Of The Walrus

Tiddlyfish and I have completed another video of our Minecraft Series! But now we're starting a new one called The Land Of The Walrus! :)

The video is... erm... interesting to say the least! :D

We've Reach 6,000 Unique Views!

And To All The Dragons Out There, I Love You! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let's Play - Mansion Master!

Hey guys! Tiddlyfish and I plan on having a little "Let's Play" series for Mansion Master! Incase you don't know, Mansion Master is an old idea I came up with where you modify the "Lara's Home" level so you start at a different position, and you have to get to the ending room, for example:
Start: Lara's Kitchen
End Goal: The Show

While it does sound fairly easy, there's loads of challenges to stop you from getting in, locked doors, thugs, floods, and everything available is out to stop you! If you submit a level to Tiddly or I we would be glad to do a playthrough of it! Otherwhys, Tiddly and I will simply play through our own! :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How's Your Summer Going?

Lara Is Sure Enjoying Hers! :D
Winston... Not So Much! D:

An Interesting Art Piece

Words can not sum this up...
  Credit Goes To LeTourbillonEnchanT
If I'm understanding this right, there are a few things happening in this photo:

1) Lara Is Squeezing Bartoli's Face with he thighs, thus his guard trying to shoot her to save him.
2) Bacon Lara snuck in, in another attempt to kill Lara
3) The Bird is flying into the wall, like they always do
4) The Monk is controlling the T-Rex, and is having it eat all the baddies
5) The Men In Black are worshipping the rat
6) The Dragon is... wait, the Dragon is Bartoli? But Bartoli's right there?
7) The 2 Guards At The Top Ledge Tried to sneak in to the photo, but disgracefully got cut off.
8) Snake Wanted To Kiss Lara. 

And you know it's all true.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


This is a short little song I made called Rosemont! I plan on releasing more in the future! :D 
The song is very brief, and only plays for a short matter of time, I may perhaps use it as my theme song, or Happy's theme song. It's a nice little track for an opening don't you think?
 Please refrain from using the track without permission, or even if you do: credit me! :3