Monday, January 2, 2012


Me and Chi are on our way to the humble dragon planet that I live on! That way we won't have to worry about all the "Doomsday December 21st" stuff! :D
   We wish we could bring along more friends but our ship is filled with the 4 members: Cute Lil Dragon (Yours Truely), The Great Chi (He Helped me Design the Rocket), Winston (Incase we get thirsty for tea), and that weird egg thing from the last level of Tomb Raider 1 (Incase we get hungry). Yes we surely do have a good crew! The photo to the left is an original taken by a piece of "NASA" equipment. If anybody else cares to join all we can say is "Tough Toenails", because it's too late now. We already past Jupiter. Only 95,000,000 light years to go!
   Thankfully, Winston brought a laptop and a WIFI signal. So I'll still try and upload more funny videos and photos on my way to Dragon Land, but it may be hard to get signal at times. Good luck with Doomsday everyone! ~Cute Lil Dragon, The Great Chi, Winston, and that Weird Egg Thing from the last stage of Tomb Raider 1.

Even as a Wallpaper!

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