Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crash Landing!

"Winston you idiot!".
   While amongst the rocket with Charlie, Winston, that weird Egg Thing, The Great Chi, and The Sheep, our butler, Winston, began to complain that he was tired of eating organic egg monster guts for breakfast and that he needed something "more pleasurable" to eat. Without hesitation, the old man, in a regal pose, approached the control panel of the rocket and put in some dentures that were, most abnormally, placed on a desk-side right next to him. In a flash he sunk his teeth into the control panels and began to chew like crazy. Chi and I rushed after him to make him stop, otherwise Winston would blow a fuse in the circuit and the rocket would come hurling down into a spiraling level of pain. But that's exactly what Winston did. The bite blew the fuse. It seemed like the end as we hurled down, but we, miraculously, hit a planet and didn't get one scratch on us or any passengers. To every ones surprise, we had landed on my home planet! It didn't appear as much: but I know greatness will come. We will proceed to work on our village later, but for now: good day.

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