Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Most Peculiar Message

"I once saw a man named Winston and he was very nice man yes he was.

I only met him once but he was so very nice yes he was oh this I know for the Chi tells me so."

What you have just read is one of the oddest messages ever. I found it on Winston's table in his fridge. I could not tell you for the life of me what it means: but I do know it's very suspicious. I am looking furthur into the context of the message to try and figure out what it means. I have already asked Chi about it and he says the following "I do recall telling someone that Winston was cool. But did I think it was lining up for this? No.". While Chi doesn't seem to know what the deal is with the message, Charlie 91 may. The following is a conversation between Cute Lil Dragon and Charlie91.

Charlie91: The message in the typewriter! Perhaps Winston didn't write it!

Cute Lil Dragon: But he seemed to try and defend it, as if it was his.

Charlie91: Perhaps it was a coverup!

Cute Lil Dragon: Do you really think so? Who would Winston need to cover up? How could he have communication with anyone else? There's only 5 people on this planet you know.

Charlie91: Or so we think.

Cute Lil Dragon: Are you trying to say that someone else may be on this planet and be communicating with Winston?

Charlie91: It would explain how he got the typewriter!

Cute Lil Dragon: You're right! He never brought it onto the rocket and he could have never made one!

-Recorded January 15th, 2011.
After talking with Chi about Charlie's conversation with me, he says that we may be onto something. I'll have to post more when I find out more. Until then, hope for the best.

Official Document of Cute Lil Dragon

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