Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playthrough 3: Bartoli's Hideout

And here we will witness the splendor of nature's most profound creature of the Animal Kingdom, Ms. Lara Croft. Notice her bushy tail, the heavy fur coat... My producers just told me that she's actually human.

It's impossible, simply impossible. That was my initial thought after about only 2 minutes of playing. At first it starts off pretty simple: You ride out of the tunnel in the boat (Which I didn't end Venice on so I have no idea how Lara got in it) jump to the ledge, flick a switch, and then go through the door. After that last part one of the hardest challenges in my history of playing Tomb Raider occurred. I had to get past the main room without killing any enemies and without taking a scratch of damage. And with 1 Clubs Man and 2 Riflemen it was a huge challenge. I eventually managed to work my way past the statues and flick the switch (followed by a save game). But then I became stuck. When I came back into the main room I had to climb up a ledge followed by climbing a ladder with two riflemen shooting at me. It was so hard. I swear I had to reload about 100 times. No joke. I finally managed to do it and I jumped from porch to porch and made my way into the room with the two dogs. I bolted past them and found myself yet again getting shot at by a sniper. Luckily I dodged his bullet and got out onto another porch. And here's the fun part: I did the ol' "Rail Jumpthrough" trick to skip a huge portion of the level. Yeah, bite me, I did a trick. Frankly, if I didn't, doing this challenge would be literally impossible. I don't really care if you don't like what I did. But when I fell through the rails I literally fell into the Uzi room. I went and picked them up, I couldn't get any luckier. But then I remembered that I couldn't EVER use them (except for shooting windows perhaps) or I would be breaking the rules. Great, just great. Well, after that tragic incident I started to work my way back onto the roof and finish this nightmare once and for all. I leaped into the library and began to work my way out the final door. But I took a great deal of precaution with the two snipers up ahead. I got shot once but I managed to stumble out the door.

I finally made it to the final location: outside the giant house. I didn't have the detonator, but I didn't even actually need it. That's the funny thing, so many people think you do when you really don't. I started to escalate the house when Lara had this sudden urge to run inside the mansion. Once again silly Lara took over and dashed into the house. I was confused at first but then she ran over to the Green Emerald Dragon. I should have known. I don't know why Lara can't resist picking the Green Emerald Dragons up. Force of habit I suppose. So after Lara got the treasure she agreed to finish off the level. She completed escalating the building and turned around to wave the level goodbye. She then slid down the ramp into, debatably, the easiest and quickest level for me to complete which I will be posting later! Good Luck Lara!


  1. Are you kidding? Just nine minutes???

  2. What? It's actually a pretty fair time... XD

  3. When I play this level I need at least 25 minutes:D How did you do this?

  4. This is the best statistic, I've ever seen! :D
    Every playing of Tomb Raider 2 is unique...

  5. @Charlie, probably because of the "Rail Jump" that I mentioned. :D

    @Jeanette, Thanks so much! I agree! Every playthrough is a unique and fun challenge! :)