Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Run Run Lara!

Hi everyone! This is just a fun little post I'm making, here's a question: (No it's not a quiz) If you were to guess how many footsteps you have taken with Lara Croft in total, throughout all the games, how many do you think it would be? It's really hard to say for me, but I know for one thing that it is over 1 Million! Anyways, how many steps do you think you have taken with Lara? And if you have taken less than 1,000. Than do you even play Tomb Raider? Because it takes easily over 500 just to beat the first level of any of the "Tomb Raiders". Anyway just let me know what you think in the comment box below! Oh and also! Be sure to check out Chi's and Tiddly's new videos! We're still working on the series and soon the 5th video will be out!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Playthrough 6: Diving Area

Just what kind of cruel torture is this!?

 Oh boy, time to make another post! Lara starts off just where she left off at, she casually ascends the ladder, flips the switch, jumps into the water, goes into some rooms, and runs past some bad guys. Then she reaches the ramp where the Silver Dragon is located. I have her jump into the little hole where it's at, and right when I make her pick it up, she decides not to. I guess the Silver Dragon is to lowly for Lara's kinds. That's just ridiculous. Once again I try to have her pick it up but once again she rejects it. I guess there's no point of fighting with Lara so I just have her continue on her way through the level. She ascends that unnaturally long ladder, and then manages to get the blue key card. She, once again, climbs the unnaturally long ladder and makes her way into a big square room, with a block in the middle. She manages to outrun a couple of puppies, and just barely, outrun a flamethrower-wielding goon. She dives into the water, flicks a switch and the-(Fast Forward a Few Minutes) Lara then proceeds to find herself into a giant pool. She swims to the bottom to where her feasting eyes locate a shivering gleaming beauty of Emerald Green. It is of course the Emerald Statue. But it's locked away in a cage. She starts to weep and weep (but it's hard to tell since she's underwater) while I control her away to finish up the level. Lara decides to speed things up a whole lot and does a sort of corner bug which bumps her up and skips us about 10 minutes of pain and running. She then runs into the last part of the level, takes out the bad guys, and talks to the monk.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Movie Night Review 3: Nosferatu

What!? They're replacing me with Bela Lugosi? This is outrageous!

You can't beat the original, and Max Shreck will defiantly prove this. The film of the choice tonight is Nosfeartu. The film is about a man named Harker who travels to the castle of Count Orlock, but more commonly reffered to in this movie as Dracula. Harker is in seek of gold but instead he simply loses blood and pees his pants with fear. But to be honest, how couldn't you? Nosferatu is terrifying, just look at that photo. And this was back in 1922, they didn't have ANY special effects except for makeup. So if you think it looks creepy now just imagine it back then when they didn't have the stuff we have today. While the film may be incredible, we were oddly never meant to see it. The reason being so is that the maker of this film was trying to release it without the permission of Bram's Stoker or his wife. Instead he just tried to release it without any permission. While the film was quickly trying to be taken off of shelves it was already too late for many copies were made and a large quantity of people saw it. Eventually, the film became lost for a very long time until a original copy eventually surfaced, and thank Chi. Because it is one of the most important vampire films as one of the first. If you don't like old movies than all I can say is, I'm sorry. Because old movies can be very amazing jewels to watch. So, like I say with the other movies, if you so happen to find a copy of this at a movie rental store, than pick it up. Because it is definitely worth it. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A New Miniseries!

A New Miniseries!

Hello everyone! It looks like "The Great Chi" and I, Cute Lil Dragon, are teaming up a little and working on our own fun little mini series. We are posting videos about Lara at the start of "The Great Wall". I call it "Chi and Dragon's Great Wall Run". I hope you enjoy it. Here are the videos so far:

Playthrough 5: Offshore Rig

Run for the hills! Lara is seen here standing on one of the only "safe" tiles in the entire level!

If you read the caption, than you can probably already assume that this level is tricky, and filled with baddies. And you'd be right. If you thought the opposite than you probably have never played this level. It starts off by Lara breaking out of, what I guess is, a sea jail for girls. Except she has no butlers for a cellmate :(. Anyway, Lara manages to break out, get her pistols back, and long story short she finally managed to cough up a bad guy. She seems pretty proud of it but she shouldn't be talking if you watch any of those All Kill runs. She grabs the dead rifleman's key, opens the door and then starts to make a left turn. But that was a mistake because it only stacks up more enemies that start to chase after her including a rifleman and a dog. Lara immediately turns around and goes up the other stack of steps. She finds herself surrounded as clubs men start to come from in front of her. "This is surely the end!" Lara thinks once again. She dashes up the ramp, and to her surprise, is unscathed. In fact, no enemy even poked her while she was at the top of the hill! It was a safe spot! What a relief! Lara then proceeds to play through the level normally, dodging enemies, opening doors, this and that. And then at the very end she does a huge long jump across an empty pool. A tricky one, but if done properly skips a chunk of the level. She then runs into, what looks like the 5th dimension, but it's actually just water connecting to an area of land. She swims out of the level and works her way into... The Diving Area.

Chi and Dragon's Great Wall Run

A New Video!!!
Chi and Dragon's Great Wall Run

Who's Your Favorite?

Which Lara is your Favorite?
With the new poll closed it's time for another: Which Lara Croft is your favorite? For me it would have to be Lara from Tomb Raider 2. She's just so awesome. Be sure to vote on your opinions for this poll.

Credit for photo goes to Charlie91 of

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life Lines!

Life Lines
Hi everyone! It is I! Cute Lil Dragon! And I wanted to make this announcement for my "Play through Series". I have reached the level "Wreck of Maria Doria" but it is simply not possible to complete the level without an unnecessary kill or using a medi pack. I devised a plan: it's called "Life Lines". How it works is this. There are 3 categories, and I can use each of them at least 3 times. Here are the 3 categories:

  • Terminator ~ Freely Kill 5 Enemies
  • Medic! ~ Freely Use 1 Medipack     
  • Tick Tock ~ Slash Off 10 Minutes From Your Final Score of the Level
In my playthrough of "Wreck of The Maria Doria" I can assure you that I will definitely use the 1st and 2nd Life Line. Why I invented the 3rd one I don't really know, I just wanted something to do with time. Tell me what you think of these life line ideas with a comment below. I'll see you later! Oh, and also: I came up with ANOTHER idea for a video, I don't know if it will be in the movie or if will be another video all on it's own. Because I really like the idea, I just am trying to think of what to do with it. Best of luck with doomsday!

P.S. How is Earth going? Has it ended yet?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts on the "Playthrough Series"?

Hello, everyone! As you know, I have started my playthrough series, I quite enjoy doing it and it gives me a little break from making my videos. But I just wanted to hear what your honest opinions on the series is. Also, when I complete this series would you want me to do another series: Such as an "All Kills" run or a Tomb Raider 3 Playthrough. Just be sure to leave your comments for any potential things you'd like to see, because odds are: I would do them. Also, with the cameras set up we have gotten little footage from a figure on the dragon planet, but I think we need to wait a little longer until we get some full footage of EXACTLY what the thing on the planet is. Thanks for enjoying my blog! :)

Playthrough 4: Opera House

May I kill One enemy, Cute Lil Dragon? Just one!

Alright, there's really not much to say here: this may have actually been the easiest level for me to play through. It really didn't take me that long if you use some very precise jumping (and no it's not hacking so Ha!). Anyway, I roll down the ramp, flick some switches, dodge the clubsmen, jump over some very inconveniently placed falling tiles (haven't they ever heard of maintenance? Honestly, Bartoli is a little pig) and go outside onto the top of the stage. Here's where the first trick comes in, Lara does a roll and manages to dodge the spears and fall straight into the Opera House. She then runs in and does a careful jump which skips a good 20 minutes of the level. Nice going Lara. Well now that Lara goes into the final room she's ready to kill her first boss! Wait a minute Lara! She seems really mad... "What!?" she grumbles. I then explain to her that you don't actually have to kill the shotgun boss so we're just going to skip over them. She then goes into a fit of rage saying some of the worst "Dragon Swears" she knows. I eventually managed to convince her that we will kill some enemies on the next level. But little did I know that the next level is the hardest challenge yet to come, even more so than Bartoli's Hideout.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playthrough 3: Bartoli's Hideout

And here we will witness the splendor of nature's most profound creature of the Animal Kingdom, Ms. Lara Croft. Notice her bushy tail, the heavy fur coat... My producers just told me that she's actually human.

It's impossible, simply impossible. That was my initial thought after about only 2 minutes of playing. At first it starts off pretty simple: You ride out of the tunnel in the boat (Which I didn't end Venice on so I have no idea how Lara got in it) jump to the ledge, flick a switch, and then go through the door. After that last part one of the hardest challenges in my history of playing Tomb Raider occurred. I had to get past the main room without killing any enemies and without taking a scratch of damage. And with 1 Clubs Man and 2 Riflemen it was a huge challenge. I eventually managed to work my way past the statues and flick the switch (followed by a save game). But then I became stuck. When I came back into the main room I had to climb up a ledge followed by climbing a ladder with two riflemen shooting at me. It was so hard. I swear I had to reload about 100 times. No joke. I finally managed to do it and I jumped from porch to porch and made my way into the room with the two dogs. I bolted past them and found myself yet again getting shot at by a sniper. Luckily I dodged his bullet and got out onto another porch. And here's the fun part: I did the ol' "Rail Jumpthrough" trick to skip a huge portion of the level. Yeah, bite me, I did a trick. Frankly, if I didn't, doing this challenge would be literally impossible. I don't really care if you don't like what I did. But when I fell through the rails I literally fell into the Uzi room. I went and picked them up, I couldn't get any luckier. But then I remembered that I couldn't EVER use them (except for shooting windows perhaps) or I would be breaking the rules. Great, just great. Well, after that tragic incident I started to work my way back onto the roof and finish this nightmare once and for all. I leaped into the library and began to work my way out the final door. But I took a great deal of precaution with the two snipers up ahead. I got shot once but I managed to stumble out the door.

I finally made it to the final location: outside the giant house. I didn't have the detonator, but I didn't even actually need it. That's the funny thing, so many people think you do when you really don't. I started to escalate the house when Lara had this sudden urge to run inside the mansion. Once again silly Lara took over and dashed into the house. I was confused at first but then she ran over to the Green Emerald Dragon. I should have known. I don't know why Lara can't resist picking the Green Emerald Dragons up. Force of habit I suppose. So after Lara got the treasure she agreed to finish off the level. She completed escalating the building and turned around to wave the level goodbye. She then slid down the ramp into, debatably, the easiest and quickest level for me to complete which I will be posting later! Good Luck Lara!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playthrough 2: Venice

 Lara! This isn't "Assassin's Creed"! Now get off the roof and lose weight on the legs! We're doing another playthrough today and you're not going to give out in the first 5 minutes!

 Surprising, eh? Two playthroughs in one day. Let's get cracking! Okay, Lara starts off by falling down the ramp and then runs like heck, while dodging the puppy she rushes into, I guess, Winston's home in Venice. (After I triggered open the door of course) Or at least it looks like it with the chair and everything. I quickly have Lara dolt up the ladder. She pulls a lever, opens a door, blah blah blah and in no times flat shes back in water. She starts to swim like a crazed shark on steroids propelling her little arms as fast as possible. Eventually she manages to find her way out of the deep dark cave and into Venice. Now this part is just a torture for Lara. You have these riflemen shooting at you every which way and I only actually have about half my health. The other chunk was taken out at the beginning with the two stupid dogs and the club man.

  Lara starts to take a few shots from the gunmen but she soon finds herself into the trigger room that opens up the final door, finally! While taking time to dodge the last gunman she encounters she she takes a few too many shots. "It's all over!" the dragon thinks! Surely it must be! Her health bar has hit pure black. But, amazingly, Lara got out of there alive! She is one tough cookie! What just happened is a rare case in which Lara is extremely close to death but is still an inch away. It's pretty awesome when it happens, but I'm just happy to be out of there alive. Lara starts to swim her way back (while picking up the jade dragon) and then swims her way through the final door. Final Stats: 0 Kills, 0 Medipacks used. :D

Sorry I don't have stats as a picture. (I forgot to take it XD)

Playthrough 1: The Great Wall


 Hello, everyone! It is I! Cute Lil Dragon! Recently, I decided to try and give myself a bit of a challenge. So now I'm doing a "Minimum Kills, No Medipacks, Pistols Only" play through. So every now and then I will be posting part of my play through. I'm just going to cut straight to the first level now so sit back and Enjoy!  :D
OH and also! I am going to be saving throughout my play through,  I don't care if you like it or not. -_-

Yeah, you know the basics. Lara slides down into the level and we hear the classic roar of the helicopter going over head. Lara gazes up it, just as if Winston took something of hers and flew off with it. I start to run into the water, and then I decide to turn around and kill the tiger. I pull out my shotgun and blow it's brains out. I then began to clim- WAIT A SECOND!!! I killed the tiger with a shotgun! That already breaks two of the rules! I actually forgot that I was even playing those rules! I can't believe it! The first enemy in the game and I already killed it! This is ridiculous! I actually feel bad for the tiger. He didn't even seem to be making a move towards me. Maybe he thought I was playing "No Kills" and came over to give me a hug. Lara feels so mean. So, yeah. I'm just going to clear my record and start over. I reload the game, climb up the mountains, fall down the trap door, pull the lever, and then make it out to the walls. This is the part I don't like. With all those crows flying around you it makes it a pain to get inside. I manage to do so but then I have to open ANOTHER door. By that point my damage is really starting to stack up. But what do I get when I open up the 2nd door? A block I have to push! Naturally! And lest we forget the 3 crows chewing on Lara and the 10 spiders nibbling on her toesies? 
  So I push the block out of the way like a slug and then dart down the slope. I made it down with only about 1 pixel of red left on the bar. No joke. While the crows can't get me in the pool room, they sure can taunt me. 1 flew down and started to flap his wings together. Probably calling me a chicken. But I don't care. Because Lara was safe. I manage to escort my way out of the pool, I dash past the boulders, jump over some traps, and then it hits my eyes. Just like a beautiful twinkle in the world. The Jade Dragon. Actually, I don't want it... Those were Lara's words. I could honestly care less about that thing, because it will serve no use to me, even with the grenade launcher. I start to steer Lara past it with my controls but then Lara got mad at me and killed herself. She did this about 5 times until I finally realized that Lara wanted the Jade Dragon. So I let her grab it and she merrily went on. I finally managed to get to the zip line at the end. I knew that tigers were on the other end just waiting to give Lara a make over. And I had about 2 visible pixels of red left on the bar. Lara was screwed. I feel bad for this poor chick, but I did what I had to do. I steered Lara across the zip line and then she ran like crazy. Jumping around with her hands in the air like a loony. She actually managed to out run them and she reached the door. What a lucky gal. Well, that's about all there is to this segment. But I'll be sure to post more later! Tell me what you think of this series! (:


Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Movie Night Review 2: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Words can not do this film justice...
    This film is incredible. Truly incredible. It brings a breath of fresh air into the atmosphere of all movies today. It's unique style & charm make it an enjoyable movie to watch. While it does heavily rely on special effects, there is no problem with that in this film, because it has a heavy "Video Game" influence. Well, now that I've made this film look like the greatest thing since sliced bread let me say a few negatives. For a start: Michael Cera. He does a great job of portraying the main character Scott. Probably better than most actors could. But he doesn't always seem to put a lot of emotion into the character. Perhaps it was meant that way. But he just comes across bland at times. To be honest there's really not much else at fault. The movie follows the book series really close. It's actually kind of scary how close it follows the book. If you ever read the first Scott Pilgrim book it feels almost like a story board to the movie. No joke. But that's OK: because the books are also amazing.

   But back to the movie: the basic plot is that Scott Pilgrim (who lives in Toronto, Canada) is dating a girl named Knives Chau. But then Scott falls in love with another girl named Romona Flowers. And before Scott can win Romona, he has to fight her seven evil exes. From there it just becomes a mess. I'm not going to say too much more except that if you find this movie in a video store (which I know you will sooner or later so don't try and deny it) try and rent it. Because it's worth it. Trust the dragon.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It Walks Among Us

This photo shows the possible existence of another life form on the planet with us! It was taken by The Great Chi when he was simply taking a little memorabilia photo. The creature looks very odd and if anyone could help identify it we would be in debt. How the creature got onto the planet with us we have no idea. Perhaps it snuck into the hold of the rocket! We talked to Winston, heard some useless information, and continued to search for the creature. We are currently setting up video cameras to try and spot the creature. Once again: if you have any idea what this creature is please tell us immediately.

A Most Peculiar Message

"I once saw a man named Winston and he was very nice man yes he was.

I only met him once but he was so very nice yes he was oh this I know for the Chi tells me so."

What you have just read is one of the oddest messages ever. I found it on Winston's table in his fridge. I could not tell you for the life of me what it means: but I do know it's very suspicious. I am looking furthur into the context of the message to try and figure out what it means. I have already asked Chi about it and he says the following "I do recall telling someone that Winston was cool. But did I think it was lining up for this? No.". While Chi doesn't seem to know what the deal is with the message, Charlie 91 may. The following is a conversation between Cute Lil Dragon and Charlie91.

Charlie91: The message in the typewriter! Perhaps Winston didn't write it!

Cute Lil Dragon: But he seemed to try and defend it, as if it was his.

Charlie91: Perhaps it was a coverup!

Cute Lil Dragon: Do you really think so? Who would Winston need to cover up? How could he have communication with anyone else? There's only 5 people on this planet you know.

Charlie91: Or so we think.

Cute Lil Dragon: Are you trying to say that someone else may be on this planet and be communicating with Winston?

Charlie91: It would explain how he got the typewriter!

Cute Lil Dragon: You're right! He never brought it onto the rocket and he could have never made one!

-Recorded January 15th, 2011.
After talking with Chi about Charlie's conversation with me, he says that we may be onto something. I'll have to post more when I find out more. Until then, hope for the best.

Official Document of Cute Lil Dragon

Saturday, January 14, 2012

That's Unusual.

That's Unusual
Hello everyone! It is I! Cute Lil Dragon. And this is a very important message: In the past 1 hour or so I have been getting a very unusual amount of "Blog Views". It is 1 half of the views that I got from December 25th-January 13th. It does not seem normal. I would just like to take the time to say this, please refrain from refreshing constantly. If you check on my blog every 30 minutes, heck, even 15 minutes I really wouldn't care. But the fact that I'm getting about 2-3 views every 30 seconds-1 minute is just weird. I know it's not necessarily a "bad" thing but it kind of throws off my charts. And be rest assured, it's not my views. All I'm saying is just don't try to intentionally throw off the view counts. Even if you are trying to help, I would rather have less views that are more meaningful than tons of views that are meaningless. 

The chart seen at the top right is a regular chart viewing in the past week. Notice at the far right how it just rockets up. That rocketing is the past hour.

Who the viewers are I can not say. I know for one that it is not a "Tomb Raider Forums" post that has made it so popular, for there are few referrals about my blog on the site. To the left is a table of the most popular "referrals". Most of them are very unusual sites.  If you have any more information on the "Unusual Views" please message me on Tomb Raider Forums or post a comment to this post.

Links to most unusual "Referring URLs".
Please note! I do not know anything about these sites. I have not taken damage from them but click at your own risk. 

2nd Poll Votes Are In

2nd Poll Closed
The new results have come in for the 2nd annual poll! The winning results for the question "How Big of a Tomb Raider Fan Are You?" Is "I'm A Big Fan!".
Be sure to check out the 3rd poll, "Which project would you rather want finished first?"
I would be interested to see the results! :)

"Hi, Winston!" Announcement Trailer!

The trailer for the new motion picture is out! It has been titled "Hi, Winston!". Be sure to check it out some time! :D

Oh, also. When I said "Comin' Soon" I don't exactly know when it's coming! :D
And for all you people (Probably 0) who are curious about Winston's where abouts and what he is up to. He has been eating the last of that giant egg thing. In fact I think he ate it all. Chi snapped a photo of it but I find it really disturbing and I don't think I'm going to publish it just yet. So enjoy the trailer and comment if you have any special requests for the movie! :)

Note: I've decided to edit the original audio of the trailer. (:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Winston's "Death Threat"?

Hello everyone! I just had to have a 48 hour talk after I saw what Winston was typing in his old typewriter that he gave himself on my birthday, so I'll basically run down what happened: Winston told everyone that he didn't want anyone coming in his fridge for the rest of forever. A few hours after he told me I began to get suspicious and walked into his fridge. And when I looked at what he was typing on the type writer I was disgusted. It was just the same quote over and over saying "I will not kill Charlie 91. I will not kill The Great Chi. I will not Kill Cute Lil Dragon.". I was very disturbed and I told Charlie 91 and The Great Chi about it. Charlie says that Winston was "Simply Confused", while Chi says that "Mitch the Monkey [Chi's Monkey] will have a talk with Winston.". After closer examination of the document I did notice 1 peculiar thing. When Winston wrote the word kill he had it lower cased by Charlie and Chi's name. But by my name it was capitalized. I don't know if this is just Winston being stupid when he typed or if it was intentional but I really don't like the sound of it. The following is a recorded conversation with Winston about the document.

Cute Lil Dragon: Winston, I examined the document on your typewriter and I was very disgusted about the content. Would you like to tell me why you typed this offensive document?

Winston: What do you mean "Offensive"!? This document was a nice little piece. After all, it's not saying that I should kill you, it's saying the opposite. And by doing the opposite, I am saving you! So you should be more grateful.

Cute Lil Dragon: So then why didn't you want anyone coming into your fridge until you were finished typing your document.

Winston: Would you like a spot of tea, Cute Lil Dragon?

Cute Lil Dragon: Uh.... No thank you. Now back to the conversation Winston, why did you want no one to enter your fri-


(Winston Continued Singing the "Tea Song" for the rest of the 47 hours, 54 minutes, and 23 seconds)

Although the document does seem suspicious. Winston continues to claim even to this moment that he did it out of pure good heart and did not mean any harm by it. He says simply that our "twisted minds" distorted what he said. Distorted or not it's still suspicious and Winston is being held prisoner in Chi's cave until he further talks.

By the way! How is your planet "Earth" still doing? Has it hit the 21st yet? It's hard to tell what time it is over there because Dragon Planet rotates a lot faster. I wish you best of luck with doomsday!

~Cute Lil Dragon

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Mansion Improvment" Coming Soon!

A new video coming out soon! I have titled it "Mansion Improvement" and I expect it to be released sometime near the end of this week. Winston will definitely be pleased with his role (Except for the fact that he gets shoved in the fridge again). Also, with my movie, I have shortly gone on a break from it. I'm not saying I'm not going to make it! The Dragon was simply getting frustrated because the film wouldn't save properly. I'll probably release a clip sometime later for you guys. Thanks for hanging in there. :)

Thanks Charlie! :D

Charlie91 made a photo for my birthday! :D
Even though it's not my birthday on Dragon Planet, it is over in Czech Republic. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Movie Night Review 1: All The Presidents Men

There is a certain type of quality that most movies don't capture today: Whilst it be the style or the charm of older movies there is always something in them that is not "eye popping" but still brings in viewers. While most movies today rely morally on special effects, loud music, and flashing colors to draw viewers in, the older movies just relied on the basics. They didn't have all the CGI in those days. They just had to make do with the Actors, The Sets, and The Props. But enough with that: let's dig into the film: "All The President's Men" is a 1976 film starring two members of the Washington Post, Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) and Bob Woodward (Robert Redford). Never before have two great actors shared the same screen such as this except for motion pictures like "The Sting" with Paul Newman & Robert Redford. In "All The President's Men", Hoffman & Redford portray a fine portrait into the life of reporters who are trying to crack the Watergate Conspiracy.

    The films directing style is also very fresh and is nice to watch. It's like a piece of art: carefully painted and every tiny spot being made carefully and precise. A very unique scene is towards the very finish of the movie when the camera focuses on the a television broadcasting the inauguration of Richard Nixon while at the same type Woodward and Bernstein are in the background typing the final material for their story. It's my favorite scene in the movie. I do wish to come out and say that the film does not really have any "action" in it like fighting. But it does have suspense at times, the film proceeds to get darker as the film progresses. It even seems at times that it will cost the two their lives.

    Overall, "All the President's Men" is a classic film and I highly recommend that you pick it up the next time you see it in a video store. It will be worth it, believe the dragon. It is one of my favorite films: I give it 10 out of 10 stars.

Monday Movie Night!

Hey everybody! Chi, Winston, and Charlie91 all gave me a birthday gift! (I guess they forgot Cute Lil Dragon's Birthday is still in 2 days) but I was happy to see that it was a T.V! :D

  Cute Lil Dragon is new to the whole "TV" thing so I decided to have a little fun with it. Every Monday I will be making a post called "Monday Movie Night" and I will review a movie. This process will happen every week unless I am very busy. The first "Movie Night Review" will be getting posted sometime later tonight. So I hope you guys like the idea, and enjoy the review! :D

Sunday, January 8, 2012

We're Home!

We have finally managed to finish construction on our new home! We actually pulled it together fairly quickly so let me tell you the main parts:

The Great Chi's Cave
Cute Lil Dragon's Cave
Winston's Fridge (Home)
Winston's Teapot (Charlie 91's Home)

The Satellite: For a good Wifi
The Well: For Water
The Observatory: For discovering new things
The Sheep Pen: For Wool and Food
And the Bunker: For Protection From Killer Sheep When Loose
Good Luck With Doomsday Everyone!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Poll Results:

The Results from the first poll have come in and the people have spoken. With the question being "What is your favorite Tomb Raider Game" Tomb Raider 2 and Tomb Raider 3 have both come in with 3 points setting this poll at a draw. Be sure to check out the 2nd pole: How Big of A Tomb Raider Fan are you? Oh and also, with we having the on the planet, we are very deeply saddened to say that the Giant Egg Mutant thing had it's head eaten off by the vicious packs of sheep exactly 6:52 PM. The egg thing was rushed into extensive care, but the chance of the egg thing living is very low. We can only hope for the best.

Crash Landing!

"Winston you idiot!".
   While amongst the rocket with Charlie, Winston, that weird Egg Thing, The Great Chi, and The Sheep, our butler, Winston, began to complain that he was tired of eating organic egg monster guts for breakfast and that he needed something "more pleasurable" to eat. Without hesitation, the old man, in a regal pose, approached the control panel of the rocket and put in some dentures that were, most abnormally, placed on a desk-side right next to him. In a flash he sunk his teeth into the control panels and began to chew like crazy. Chi and I rushed after him to make him stop, otherwise Winston would blow a fuse in the circuit and the rocket would come hurling down into a spiraling level of pain. But that's exactly what Winston did. The bite blew the fuse. It seemed like the end as we hurled down, but we, miraculously, hit a planet and didn't get one scratch on us or any passengers. To every ones surprise, we had landed on my home planet! It didn't appear as much: but I know greatness will come. We will proceed to work on our village later, but for now: good day.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Once again, we have came across a most peculiar thing on the rocket. While we were on our way to the dragon planet, we started to hear a "Ba-aaaah" in the main corridor. While Winston was flying the rocket The Great Chi, Charlie, and I went out to examine what the strange noise was. When we reached the main corridor we were surprised to sheep. And not just 2 sheep, no, there were at least a good 8. How did they all get on here!? That is a good question. Well here's our guess: They were also in Winston's teapot that Charlie was living in. Upon asking Charlie she said that she didn't remember having any sheep in the teapot, but anything is possible. Anyway, I just thought that I should post about this interesting story considering I haven't posted much recently. As we reach closer to our home I think that saving these sheep will be a good idea, as they can probably find a home on my planet. "Best of Luck with Doomsday!".

~Cute Lil Dragon, The Great Chi, & Charlie91

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bed Time Winston!

A new episode!
In this brand new short, Winston has mysteriously gone missing from the mansion at the dead of night and it is once again up to Lara Croft herself to find and "rescue" Winston from wherever he may be at. 

"Bed Time Winston!"

Nice find Chi!

Here is a rather interesting and unusual tale to tell. While Chi, Winston, that Egg Thing, and I were in the rocket just looking around, Chi came across a rather unusual large blue teapot. It actually looked JUST LIKE Winston's teapot. Only bigger. A lot bigger. So we decided to open it to see if there was any tea, because it would be awesome if there was. But instead of tea, to our surprise, we came across Charlie91! How unusual! I suppose her location on "Tomb Raider Forums" wasn't lying! We decided it would always be nice to have company along the way so we allowed Charlie91 to be with us on our voyage to Dragon Planet. We don't really know how Winston and Charlie will breathe there, but hopefully we'll find a way. As we continue our journey to our new planet we hope to find many more friend to accompany us! Only 70,000,000 more light years to go! :D "Best of Luck With Doomsday!"
Cute Lil Dragon & The Great Chi

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lara vs. Sohpia

Another new wallpaper! It's the first one I've released with out editing. Well, I did a little editing like removing the health bar and ammo bar. But not much. Be sure to tell me what you think of it! Oh, also! I managed to fix the bite out of the ship after Winston took out a big chunk. So we're back in gear, we still have a long ways to go however until we reach our destination and I predict  that there is a great big mass of trouble down the road and that we will soon be right in the midst of it. Happy Raiding! And be sure to get Cute Lil Dragon a present! :D

Winston the Hungry

While our voyage to Dragon Planet has been a success so far, trouble accorred yesterday when Winston, our butler, took a huge whooping bite out of the side of the Rocket. We immediately began to spiral downwards but luckily, Chi managed to quickly pull out fexmerger and replace our regular rocket with a more powerful one. Thanks Chi! Even though we are not at the Dragon Planet yet, we are getting closer. I expect we will be there sometime near the end of this month. Once we reach the planet Chi and I will build a village and invite tourists! I'm simply amazed that we actually have connection out here! And then "NASA" spends millions upon millions of dollars just to send out a tiny little machine to take a snap shot of Venus or something. Well, we will be sure to keep you guys posted on any more events if anything else happens. "Winston! Don't you dare put that in the tea!" Sorry about that. I didn't want Winston to contaminate the tea. Well, "Best of Luck with Doomsday!"  
~Cute Lil Dragon & The Great Chi