Thursday, January 5, 2012


Once again, we have came across a most peculiar thing on the rocket. While we were on our way to the dragon planet, we started to hear a "Ba-aaaah" in the main corridor. While Winston was flying the rocket The Great Chi, Charlie, and I went out to examine what the strange noise was. When we reached the main corridor we were surprised to sheep. And not just 2 sheep, no, there were at least a good 8. How did they all get on here!? That is a good question. Well here's our guess: They were also in Winston's teapot that Charlie was living in. Upon asking Charlie she said that she didn't remember having any sheep in the teapot, but anything is possible. Anyway, I just thought that I should post about this interesting story considering I haven't posted much recently. As we reach closer to our home I think that saving these sheep will be a good idea, as they can probably find a home on my planet. "Best of Luck with Doomsday!".

~Cute Lil Dragon, The Great Chi, & Charlie91

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