Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nice find Chi!

Here is a rather interesting and unusual tale to tell. While Chi, Winston, that Egg Thing, and I were in the rocket just looking around, Chi came across a rather unusual large blue teapot. It actually looked JUST LIKE Winston's teapot. Only bigger. A lot bigger. So we decided to open it to see if there was any tea, because it would be awesome if there was. But instead of tea, to our surprise, we came across Charlie91! How unusual! I suppose her location on "Tomb Raider Forums" wasn't lying! We decided it would always be nice to have company along the way so we allowed Charlie91 to be with us on our voyage to Dragon Planet. We don't really know how Winston and Charlie will breathe there, but hopefully we'll find a way. As we continue our journey to our new planet we hope to find many more friend to accompany us! Only 70,000,000 more light years to go! :D "Best of Luck With Doomsday!"
Cute Lil Dragon & The Great Chi

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