Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life Lines!

Life Lines
Hi everyone! It is I! Cute Lil Dragon! And I wanted to make this announcement for my "Play through Series". I have reached the level "Wreck of Maria Doria" but it is simply not possible to complete the level without an unnecessary kill or using a medi pack. I devised a plan: it's called "Life Lines". How it works is this. There are 3 categories, and I can use each of them at least 3 times. Here are the 3 categories:

  • Terminator ~ Freely Kill 5 Enemies
  • Medic! ~ Freely Use 1 Medipack     
  • Tick Tock ~ Slash Off 10 Minutes From Your Final Score of the Level
In my playthrough of "Wreck of The Maria Doria" I can assure you that I will definitely use the 1st and 2nd Life Line. Why I invented the 3rd one I don't really know, I just wanted something to do with time. Tell me what you think of these life line ideas with a comment below. I'll see you later! Oh, and also: I came up with ANOTHER idea for a video, I don't know if it will be in the movie or if will be another video all on it's own. Because I really like the idea, I just am trying to think of what to do with it. Best of luck with doomsday!

P.S. How is Earth going? Has it ended yet?

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