Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playthrough 1: The Great Wall


 Hello, everyone! It is I! Cute Lil Dragon! Recently, I decided to try and give myself a bit of a challenge. So now I'm doing a "Minimum Kills, No Medipacks, Pistols Only" play through. So every now and then I will be posting part of my play through. I'm just going to cut straight to the first level now so sit back and Enjoy!  :D
OH and also! I am going to be saving throughout my play through,  I don't care if you like it or not. -_-

Yeah, you know the basics. Lara slides down into the level and we hear the classic roar of the helicopter going over head. Lara gazes up it, just as if Winston took something of hers and flew off with it. I start to run into the water, and then I decide to turn around and kill the tiger. I pull out my shotgun and blow it's brains out. I then began to clim- WAIT A SECOND!!! I killed the tiger with a shotgun! That already breaks two of the rules! I actually forgot that I was even playing those rules! I can't believe it! The first enemy in the game and I already killed it! This is ridiculous! I actually feel bad for the tiger. He didn't even seem to be making a move towards me. Maybe he thought I was playing "No Kills" and came over to give me a hug. Lara feels so mean. So, yeah. I'm just going to clear my record and start over. I reload the game, climb up the mountains, fall down the trap door, pull the lever, and then make it out to the walls. This is the part I don't like. With all those crows flying around you it makes it a pain to get inside. I manage to do so but then I have to open ANOTHER door. By that point my damage is really starting to stack up. But what do I get when I open up the 2nd door? A block I have to push! Naturally! And lest we forget the 3 crows chewing on Lara and the 10 spiders nibbling on her toesies? 
  So I push the block out of the way like a slug and then dart down the slope. I made it down with only about 1 pixel of red left on the bar. No joke. While the crows can't get me in the pool room, they sure can taunt me. 1 flew down and started to flap his wings together. Probably calling me a chicken. But I don't care. Because Lara was safe. I manage to escort my way out of the pool, I dash past the boulders, jump over some traps, and then it hits my eyes. Just like a beautiful twinkle in the world. The Jade Dragon. Actually, I don't want it... Those were Lara's words. I could honestly care less about that thing, because it will serve no use to me, even with the grenade launcher. I start to steer Lara past it with my controls but then Lara got mad at me and killed herself. She did this about 5 times until I finally realized that Lara wanted the Jade Dragon. So I let her grab it and she merrily went on. I finally managed to get to the zip line at the end. I knew that tigers were on the other end just waiting to give Lara a make over. And I had about 2 visible pixels of red left on the bar. Lara was screwed. I feel bad for this poor chick, but I did what I had to do. I steered Lara across the zip line and then she ran like crazy. Jumping around with her hands in the air like a loony. She actually managed to out run them and she reached the door. What a lucky gal. Well, that's about all there is to this segment. But I'll be sure to post more later! Tell me what you think of this series! (:



  1. Wow, this is a really difficult task to take on! I've tried TR2 before with minimal health loss, but that was NOTHING compared to this.

    Excited to see how things turn out for you. :D Good luck!

  2. That's perfect idea, Cutie! You can do it! Me not, I'm too dangerous for Lara:)