Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playthrough 2: Venice

 Lara! This isn't "Assassin's Creed"! Now get off the roof and lose weight on the legs! We're doing another playthrough today and you're not going to give out in the first 5 minutes!

 Surprising, eh? Two playthroughs in one day. Let's get cracking! Okay, Lara starts off by falling down the ramp and then runs like heck, while dodging the puppy she rushes into, I guess, Winston's home in Venice. (After I triggered open the door of course) Or at least it looks like it with the chair and everything. I quickly have Lara dolt up the ladder. She pulls a lever, opens a door, blah blah blah and in no times flat shes back in water. She starts to swim like a crazed shark on steroids propelling her little arms as fast as possible. Eventually she manages to find her way out of the deep dark cave and into Venice. Now this part is just a torture for Lara. You have these riflemen shooting at you every which way and I only actually have about half my health. The other chunk was taken out at the beginning with the two stupid dogs and the club man.

  Lara starts to take a few shots from the gunmen but she soon finds herself into the trigger room that opens up the final door, finally! While taking time to dodge the last gunman she encounters she she takes a few too many shots. "It's all over!" the dragon thinks! Surely it must be! Her health bar has hit pure black. But, amazingly, Lara got out of there alive! She is one tough cookie! What just happened is a rare case in which Lara is extremely close to death but is still an inch away. It's pretty awesome when it happens, but I'm just happy to be out of there alive. Lara starts to swim her way back (while picking up the jade dragon) and then swims her way through the final door. Final Stats: 0 Kills, 0 Medipacks used. :D

Sorry I don't have stats as a picture. (I forgot to take it XD)

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  1. Perfect article!
    I love Tomb Raider 2 :) Venice is my favourite level. Your playing sounds funny ;) Two playthrougs in one day? Sometimes we need play TR all day :))