Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Interesting Art Piece

Words can not sum this up...
  Credit Goes To LeTourbillonEnchanT
If I'm understanding this right, there are a few things happening in this photo:

1) Lara Is Squeezing Bartoli's Face with he thighs, thus his guard trying to shoot her to save him.
2) Bacon Lara snuck in, in another attempt to kill Lara
3) The Bird is flying into the wall, like they always do
4) The Monk is controlling the T-Rex, and is having it eat all the baddies
5) The Men In Black are worshipping the rat
6) The Dragon is... wait, the Dragon is Bartoli? But Bartoli's right there?
7) The 2 Guards At The Top Ledge Tried to sneak in to the photo, but disgracefully got cut off.
8) Snake Wanted To Kiss Lara. 

And you know it's all true.

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