Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Video From The Archives!

Let's Journey A Bit More Into The Lil Dragon Archives!
I've already shared the original ending to my first Tomb Raider video, but now I feel like sharing a bit more, so I proudly present a few unique clips from a really, really long time ago. A few of the clips date roughly a year. The clips are basically a test of animals replacing Winston to see if they will follow Lara. The monkey seemed like the most suitable fit. As you see in one of the clips we have a video of the monkey walking, as I'm guessing he was intended to go into Lara's home. I don't really remember why. I'm guessing planning fell through for that video due to the difficulty of having a Monkey do what you want. Butlers are easier to control you see! As for the second video, it was originally intended to be a tutorial on how to Fexmerg and TRItem data files. But I figured a typed tutorial may be much easier. Click the link below for the rare footage!

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