Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy The Bear

Hey Guys!!!
   Sorry I was gone for a while. I was on vacation for a bit. I managed to bring back some awesome stuff including an acoustic guitar and a totally awesome hand puppet bear thing. The bear's name is Happy, and I plan on him having his own little mini series. (No Promises however, because we know how my video promises turn out DX). But yeah, I'm back and ready to get those videos cracking! If you guys have any suggestions for Tomb Raider, Minecraft, Or Happy The Bear Videos: I would love to hear them! I'll tell you a few current thoughts on videos:

-Tomb Raider II - Winston's Pet Shop
-Minecraft - PTA 2, Hotels
-The Bear Chronicles - In Search Of Food

If any of these ideas sound appealing to you I will try and get them out as quick as possible! As for now, I wish you the best. And Happy Doomsday! :)

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