Monday, May 28, 2012

Eric Justin Kaz

Eric Kaz
As you know, I have listened to and shared several artists, some being very well known and acclaimed, others being some of the most unheard of artists to sing. Probably a notable one being the band "Bear". One of the members from Bear, Eric Kaz, went onwards to become a rather well acclaimed songwriter but at the same time still has a un-heard of voice in the singing industry. After Bear, he went silent for a few years, he surfaced in 1972 with his debut album, "If You're Lonely". A couple years later he released his second album, "Cul-De-Sac". Both albums didn't receive much attention at the time of release and still have little attention drawn to them today. In '76 he became part of the American rock group, American Flyer. Along with Craig Fuller, Steve Katz, & Doug Yule, they released two fairly well acclaimed albums. The Band broke up after two albums. In 1978 Craig Fuller & Eric Kaz would sing together in perhaps one of the greatest yet most unheard of albums of all time. The album however struck out, low sales were made. Kaz vanished into emptiness except for occasional songwriting for artists. In 2002 Kaz finally surfaced, except this time in Japan, where he had received a little more fame. He released a album consisting of studio recordings, live tracks, etc. Called 1000 Years Of Sorrow. Kaz continues to write songs to this day, and still tours.

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