Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Papa Joe's Auto Shop

Papa Joe's got it all! Guns, Gadgets, Pirated Movies, Bootlegs, etc. (The poster lies, it's just trickery). So come on down to Papa Joe's, and we'll be sure to give you the most illegal up-to-date stuff!

Uh... that advertisement was brought to you by Papa Joe's Auto Shop, "Where Crooks can be Crooks". Thank you Papa Joe. And now i would like to do a little interview I called "Winston".

Cute Lil Dragon: Good morning, Winston!

Winston: Euhhhhhh

Cute Lil Dragon: So, what are your thoughts on Lara?

Winston: *farts*

Cute Lil Dragon: Uh.... How do you like Croft Manor

Winston: Oof

Cute Lil Dragon: Mhm, how about your fridge?

Winston: *Stands Motionless

Cute Lil Dragon: Uh... Well it looks like we're out of time. Bye Winston!

Winston: Meh.....

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