Saturday, December 31, 2011

Simon & Garfunkel

With all the new singers today it is hard to look back on when they had class, style, and those great enjoyable tunes. While some may think of "The Beatles" when discussing old songs there are two great artists that always come to mind. Paul Simon & Arthur Garfunkel. These two artists are splendid in the art of singing and I am simply out of words when I listen to their music. While they don't sing anymore, the mark they left on music history will be there for ages to come.Some of their memorable songs include "The Sounds of Silence", "Scarborough Fair", "Old Friends", Mrs. Robinson", "The Boxer", and "Bridge Over Troubled Water". While the years of 1965-1968 were good, in 1969 their friendship began to shatter as a result of many things. But mainly because the two were being so forced together. After the break the two went their own way. Paul became a greater hit than he was before, while Art fell downwards in the music industry, only releasing a few hits every now and then. The last concert the two had were in 2009 in Madison Square Garden. But afterwards Art began to get vocal cord paresis after all the years of smoking. Art has stopped smoking since and is recovering slowly. Sadly, Paul has said that the two will probably not be appearing in a concert ever again.
       Although this article really doesn't have any thing to do with Cute Lil Dragon and the Tomb Raider World, I still wanted to get out how great these two artists are. I recommend you listen to them the next time you get a chance or pick up a CD of them.

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